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Amazing, I love these stilts and I love how easy they were to acquire with Timothy's Toolbox. I would keep my stilting business with these guys.

No-Coat UltraFlex 325 Flex Tape- 3.25 in x 100 Ft


Shoots a great beam and is so easy to set up. Can’t leave home without one of these. Awesome deal for a great little lazer

Good Product

Fit is a matter of preference, But they are well made, And look professional.


Only been in the field a few days but the foreman gave a flawless report . If these reviews continue I will be ordering again.

I ordered a hard hat and never received it said delivered and the picture that FedEx took was not my apartment complex so can’t review anything so lost cause

Good service

Exactly what I ordered, shipped fast, good price

Great product

Great product at reasonable price. Shipped right out, no problems


Great tool and a game changer. I was able to duplicate the existing pattern and it took 10 minutes. Easy cleanup and flawless design.

Strongest drywall adhesive on the market

The bond is so strong that drywall will break around the joint. The fact it fills in voids behind the drywall and creates a gasket effect proves this is a superior product

Perfect every time

Being a carpenter and not a full time drywaller, I use this for inside corners for perfect corners. Easy to use and perfect every time.

Needed a new set

Grabbed these and they seem like solid knives. Trying different brands and so far, tapetech seems on par with usg brand quality.

Sturdy Ladder/Horse

Quality product. Exactly what I was looking for. Great service as well Timothy’s Toolbox.

Great deal

I was apprehensive when I purchased the walk ups they were a little cheaper in price than anywhere else and it said free shipping!!! They are great just like similar ones I have purchased in the past just half the price. They were delivered quickly and damage free. I have ordered other ones from suppliers and they have taken twice as long to get them and showed up damaged. Very happy and will be doing more business in the future

drywall sanding

was looking for something like that, great product

Medium to small projects.

On a job a while ago the best texture guy I have ever met used the larger one of these and I knew I wanted to get the laco. He explained the ease of use and for using one for the first time it was easy to se with a few things to figure out. I appreciated the ability to fine tune the thickness of the texture and how easy it was to clean. I look forward to using this in the future!

Drywall knives

Best out there

Awesome Purchsing experiance.

These guys are top notch. Any questions I had they were quick to answer. I will do business with them again!

It was a great product. Fit and finish was #1

Dura-Stilts Dura III 14-22" Uni-Strut Adjustable Drywall Stilts D1422

Took a little while to figure out how to get it to spray but it works good

Good replacement.

Good 4' replacement pole for superanders. So far works great.

USG Sheetrock Professional Drywall Taping Knives (6,8,10,12") Set

Lift Safety Dax Blue Full Brim Hard Hat HDF-21BL

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