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We have updated our website to enhance your browsing experience while maintaining the same exceptional service and products.
We have updated our website to enhance your browsing experience while maintaining the same exceptional service and products.


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USG Sheetrock Tools Matrix Blue Steel Drywall Taping Knives


This pan does the job. The top edges are thin. Tho not sharp, while cleaning, I'm cautious about cleaning the edges.

Pla-Cor Drywall Corner Bead Hopper- 90 degree/Bullnose

Warner 29" EZ-Stride Step Up Bench

Works great

Had a crack or tape seperation in a horizontal on a tray ceiling to redo this worked perfectly for it

Lightweight kinfe

works great 👍

Great stuff

I a newbie in taping and I love this stuff so easy to use and bomber on the filled wide gaps I usually have. Never had one crack

As promised


Glue was delivered fast to me. It blends well and helps 100% with the bond of my Joint Compound. I'm really pleased with this product

TexMaster 12” Stipple Brush - Tampico Shag Style 8804

Renegade Blue Drywall Mesh Tape 2" X 300'

Great Product

I had originally purchased a mixer from Home Depot that consisted of 4 round mixer arms. It did a terrible job of mixing and because of the radius of the arms left unmixed mortar in the corner of the bucket. My son saw my dilemma and lent me his of this design. It works great it is designed to lift the mortar from the bottom instead of just beating it like an egg beater. It is 90 degrees at the end of the arms so it gets the material in the corner. It also has a ball shape at the end of the shaft so it isn't grinding on the bottom of the bucket. Very well thought out, VERY Happy with this product. I ordered 2!

Seems like a quality product

Haven’t used it yet but feels like it could be quality. Beyond that don’t know how well it works.

Walboard Hammer End Knife - 4" [HK-4]

Big upgrade

I had a Porter Cable sander for years. I hated it. I finally started looking and read some great reviews on the Flex sander. Spoke with the guys at Timothy’s and the gave me honest feedback on the tools. No regrets on this purchase. It is night and day better than the PC. very flexible so you don’t cut into the mud. The dust ring actually has a suspension that gives you some margin of error when you place the sanding head on the wall; you place the head then push lightly. Very nice. Great store and a great product.

Advance Drywall Joint Tape Holder TH50

Advance Boomerang Drywall Mud Mixer BR716

Good price

I would like that when they have specials they send me information Thanks

Best hard hat I’ve bought

Lightweight, comfortable well worth the price

Best Hard hat

Comfortable, light weight, durable, fit very well. Made for work safe.

Happy Customer

Prior to ordering I was skeptical of the price, after seeing the product, I’d order again! Very nice

Fast shipping

These guys shipped very fast, got the package about two days later. Pop rivets were just fine.


Great. best hopper. good price.

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