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Drywall Wipe-Down Knives

At Timothy’s Toolbox, we carry a range of high-quality drywall wipe-down knives from brands such as TapeTech, Wal-Board, Texmaster, and Advanced Equipment. Wipe-down knives help create a premium finish by taking off any ridges and bumps left by the taping process.

Not all wipe-down knives are created equally, which makes choosing the right one for your job all the more important. One popular option we have available is the Tape Pro drywall wipe-down knife. The Tape Pro drywall wipe-down knife is a plastic option that addresses many of the drawbacks of metal wipe-down knives. The Tape Pro drywall wipe-down knife doesn’t rust, doesn’t pull on tape, and offers superior flexibility and control compared to metal knives.

Whether you want to purchase a Tape Pro or another drywall wipe-down knife for your toolbox, Timothy’s Toolbox has you covered. Shop our selection today and get the best wipe-down knives on the market at the best prices.


  • Tape Pro 7" Plastic Drywall Taping Wipe Down Knife

    Magic Tools
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    Tape Pro 7" Plastic Drywall Taping Wipe Down Knife The Tape Pro 7” Plastic Drywall Wipe Down Knife does not rust, it eliminates the pull on tape th...

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