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Gooseneck Adapters are used to fill Automatic Tapers quickly and efficiently. Simply attach a Gooseneck Adapter to the Loading Pump. Automatic Tapers can then by filled with joint compound through the pump, into the gooseneck, and finally into the automatic taper so you can get back to work.

Extra-long gooseneck adapters are a vital accessory for any drywall professional. They're crafted with durable materials to withstand the rigors of daily use on construction sites. Their design allows them to fit most standard loading pumps, making them a versatile addition to your toolkit. Using a gooseneck adapter significantly reduces downtime, facilitating a smoother, more efficient workflow.

Moreover, these adapters are incredibly user-friendly. Even beginners can attach and remove them with relative ease. By enabling a quick and mess-free filling of the automatic taper gooseneck adapters, they save you from the hassle of manual filling, which can be time-consuming and prone to causing spills or overfills.

In addition to ease of use, gooseneck adapters also contribute to the consistent quality of your work. The precise control they afford over the volume of joint compound pumped into the automatic taper helps ensure an even application on the drywall. In this way, they not only streamline your work process but also enhance the final result. Shop Gooseneck Adapters at Timothy's Toolbox!


  • TapeTech 85T Gooseneck Adapter

    Original price $120.00 - Original price $120.00
    Original price
    $120.00 - $120.00
    Current price $120.00
    In stock

    TapeTech 85T Gooseneck Adapter The TapeTech Gooseneck Adapter can be used with the TapeTech 72TT, 73TT, or 76TT loading pump to fill automatic ta...

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  • TapeTech 85XLTT Extra Long Gooseneck Adapter

    Original price $190.00 - Original price $190.00
    Original price
    $190.00 - $190.00
    Current price $190.00
    Low stock

    TapeTech 85XLTT Extra Long Gooseneck Adapter The TapeTech Extra Long Gooseneck Adapter is used with the 76XLTT Loading Pump to fill automatic ta...

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