Drywall Texture Brushes

Drywall texture brushes are brushes made from coarse hair and filaments. You attach them to a pole or broom handle and use them to create effects with plaster or texture paints on ceilings or walls to create unique textured designs. The brushes imprint your chosen pattern into a freshly applied compound. The most commonly used texture for drywall is the slap brush texture, also called the stomp brush, crows foot, or stipple texture, which has a dynamic fan-like appearance. We have the drywall stomp brushes you need to create your desired look here at Timothy's Toolbox. We carry drywall texture brushes from recognized manufacturers like TexMaster, Kraft Tool Company, GoldBlatt, Wal-Board, and more! Shop our collection of drywall stippling brushes to find the tools you need for texturing at prices that can’t be beat.