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Drywall Shims

Most wood framing is irregular and features crowns or curves, which can cause noticeable high and low spots if you don’t correct them prior to drywall installation. Drywall shims are narrow pieces of cardboard, typically 45 inches long, that are often used to correct irregularities in framing behind drywall. Drywall shims can also be used for floating butt-joints, hanging door jambs and cabinets, and shimming counter tops, pre-fabricated shower stalls, and windows.

Screws or nails attach shims to the sides of butt-joints. They allow for a greater inset at the joint. Generally, each joint will need one to four drywall spacers to effectively mask the defects. If you need shims to correct irregular framing, you should know that Timothy's Toolbox carries them in bulk. Our shims come in cases of 100.


  • Strait-Flex DS-45 Drywall Shims- 1.5 in x 45 in x 0.06 in

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    Original price $36.99
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    Current price $31.99

    Strait-Flex DS-45 Drywall Shims- 1.5 in x 45 in x 0.06 in Strait-Flex DS-45 Drywall Shims are used for floating butt-joints, framing irregulariti...

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