Dura Stilts Drywall Stilts

Dura Stilts Drywall Stilts are the best-selling stilts ever. These stilts fit the industry standard throughout the industrialized world. For jobs that would normally require constant use of stepladders, drywall Dura Stilts add ease and convenience to the process. Save yourself the time you’d normally use stepping up and down on a ladder and use Dura Stilts drywall stilts instead.

The Dura Stilts brand creates the best drywall stilts on the market, combining sturdy construction with superior safety features that will keep you steady as you work. From the proprietary foot harness system to universally adjustable side leg supports, Dura Stilts drywall stilts are the last stilts you’ll ever need on the job.

Buy the Dura-III and Dura-IV model Dura Stilts for sale here at Timothy's Toolbox. Available Sizes include: 14"-22", 18"-30", 24"-40'". Each set of stilts is highly adjustable.

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