USG Sheetrock Classic Blue Steel Premium Set (6,8,10,12,14") knives, pan, mixer, saw

USG Sheetrock Tools

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USG Sheetrock Tools Classic Premium Set

USG Sheetrock Classic Blue Steel Premium Set (6,8,10,12,14") knives, pan, mixer, saw

This amazing pack contains:

1- 6'' USG Sheetrock Classic Blue Steel Finishing Knife  

1- 8'' USG Sheetrock Classic Blue Steel Finishing Knife 

1- 10'' USG Sheetrock Classic Blue Steel Finishing Knife 

1- 12'' USG Sheetrock Classic Blue Steel Finishing Knife 

1- 14'' USG Sheetrock Classic Blue Steel Finishing Knife 

1- 14" USG Sheetrock Classic Stainless Steel Mud Pan

1- USG Jab Saw

1- USG Mud Mixer 30"

The Classic Drywall Finishing Knife has a traditional design and shape, with a more comfortable handle and durable blade. 

  • Enlarged hammer for striking and writing
  • Tapered neck makes the tool easy to maneuver
  • Slip-resistant comfort soft grip
  • Rust-resistant blade

Sheetrock Tools drywall mud pans and grips have been designed and field-tested to exceed the demanding expectations of the drywall installation and taping professional.  The Classic Drywall Mud Pan has a contoured bottom and a continuous heli-arc weld for easy mixing and cleaning. These mud pans are comfortable to work with for all your drywall taping, texturing and finishing jobs.

  • Durable Stainless Steel construction
  • Contoured bottom for easy mixing and cleaning

The USG  Professional Drywall Jab Saw is a tool designed to cut drywall more efficiently. The sharp tip excels at plunge cutting, and its aggressive tooth design cuts through sheetrock fast. A light handle provides maximum comfort and hand protection during installation and drywall repair jobs.

  • Sharp tip for plunge cutting drywall
  • Aggressive saw tooth design
  • Light, soft-grip tool handle for maximum comfort
  • 1.8 mm thickness for added strength

USG Mud Mixer 30"

  • Durable steel construction
  • Balanced and self-centering
  • Minimizes bucket gouge
  • Folds mud compound from sides, top and bottom

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