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Tytan High Yield Drywall Adhesive- 29oz

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Tytan Foam Bond 60 Foam Adhesive 60- 24oz

Tytan High Yield Drywall Adhesive- 29oz

The Tytan Professional High Yield Drywall Adhesive replaces up to 14 traditional cartridges while providing superior insulation and acoustic dampening properties. While traditional caulk adhesives are difficult to apply, do not work well in cold weather, and shrink when they cure, the Tytan High Yield Drywall Adhesive is a foam adhesive that is easy to apply even to wet or frozen lumber. The High Yield formula reduces the time between changing canisters and applying the adhesive- saving you time and money on the jobsite.

The drywall adhesive is designed to be used on vertical surfaces and stays as a foam while it cures and expands to fill the gaps between studs and drywall. This innovative adhesive also fills small gaps and cracks much better than traditional adhesives and cures at a similar rate compared to traditional adhesives- should be used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners. It adheres to most construction materials including: drywall, vinyl-faced wallboard, masonry, lumber, cork, steel studs, and other wood materials

The Tytan High Yield Drywall Adhesive is a part of the TYTAN UP! Whole Home Air Sealing System that can provide measurable improvement to blower door test results for air exchanges per hour when used properly.

Tytan High Yield Drywall Adhesive- 29oz Features:

  • Replaces entire case of 28oz Traditional Adhesives
  • Fills small gaps and imperfections
  • Exceeds requirements of ASTM C557 and ASTM D6464
  • Eliminates screw pops
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Improves blower door test results
  • Does not shrink
  • Can be applied to all vertical surfaces, such as drywall, exterior sheathing and foam board
  • Adheres to wood, steel, brick and concrete
  • No solvents
  • Twice as strong as leading caulk adhesives
Low Application Temp 23°F (-5°C)
High Application Temp 104°F (40°C)
Yield 800 ft (1/2" bead)
Open Time 20 min
Working Time 30 min
Full Cure 48 hr
Shear Strength 290 psi (dry lumber)


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Tytan Professional

High Yield Adhesive

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