Trim Tex 540 Black Widow Pro Sander Head


  • $49.99

Trim Tex 540 Black Widow Pro Sander Head

 Trim Tex Black Widow Pro Sander Head

The Trim Tex Black Widow has an innovative, no flip design. The design of the Black Widow is 60% wider (larger sanding surface) than conventional sanding heads. This leads to greater sanding speeds and greater quality sanding and which means less user fatigue! The all in one foam and grit quick change system means no costly foam pads to wear out. The wide design of the sander head allows you to sand in the corners. The Black Widows’ hook design is molded into the tool allowing you to change quickly. Black Widow Sanding Pads Available Here!

Trim Tex Black Widow Pro Sander Features:

  • 60% wider sanding surface
  • Patented hook design molded onto the tool
  • All-in-one foam & grit quick change system
  • No separate, costly foam pads to wear out
  • No-flip design
  • 7-7/8" x 5-3/4" Dims
  • Made in the USA

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