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Titebond All Purpose Construction Adhesive, 29 OZ

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Titebond All Purpose Construction Adhesive - Versatile & Water-Resistant, 29 OZ

Elevate your construction and repair projects with Titebond Solvent-Based All Purpose Construction Adhesive, a premium-grade, versatile adhesive formula crafted for a myriad of interior and exterior applications. This exceptional adhesive not only promises a formidable bond with common building materials but also assures pronounced water resistance, making it an indispensable ally in both indoor and outdoor settings. Its solvent-based composition enhances adhesive robustness, ensuring lasting results.

One standout feature is its extended working time, permitting meticulous assembly with the utmost precision, a critical aspect often overlooked in fast-setting alternatives. Despite this accommodating bonding period, Titebond All Purpose Construction Adhesive maintains permanent flexibility, ensuring durable adhesion that adeptly responds to environmental fluctuations without compromising integrity.

Titebond All Purpose Construction Adhesive Features:

  • Recommended for a diverse range of interior and exterior construction, remodeling, and repair projects.
  • Formulates a strong bond with various materials such as wood, paneling, drywall, ceramic tile, metal, foamboard, and tub surrounds.
  • Solvent-based formula ensures enhanced adhesive strength and durability.
  • Highly water-resistant, making it suitable for applications exposed to moisture.
  • Provides a longer working time for accurate and precise assembly.
  • Remains permanently flexible, allowing for the natural movement of bonded materials without weakening.
  • Proven efficacy with foamboard and plastics, testifying to its extreme versatility.
Size 1/8” Bead 1/4" Bead 3/8" Bead 1/2" Bead
28 Oz. Cartridge 355 ft. 86 ft. 39 ft. 21 ft.

Franklin International


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