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SurPro S2 26-40" Aluminum Drywall Stilts

by SurPro
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SurPro S2 26-40" Aluminum Drywall Stilts

Elevate your drywall projects with the SurPro S2 Aluminum Double Sided Stilts, now available in an extended range of 26-40 inches for greater versatility. Crafted to meet the high demands of professional drywall contractors, these stilts incorporate cutting-edge double-sided technology to provide unparalleled stability and comfort, minimizing fatigue and enhancing productivity. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, the SurPro S2 is equipped with adjustable S2 Leg Bands that ensure 360 degrees of comfort and can be customized to achieve the perfect height. Constructed from durable, lightweight aluminum with a hexagon extruded frame, these stilts are built to last. Dual wing bolts and the exclusive Interlock Enhanced Safety System offer added safety and longevity of internal parts. The stilts also feature industrial non-marking, superior grip soles, accommodating up to a 225 lb. maximum load. As the preferred choice for drywallers worldwide, the SurPro S2 sets the standard for high-performance drywall stilts.

Product Features:

  • Extended Height Range 26-40": Offers greater versatility for various drywall projects.
  • Double-Sided Stilt Design: Ensures optimal balance and stability, reducing worker fatigue.
  • Adjustable Comfort with S2 Leg Bands: 360-degree comfort with height adjustability for a personalized fit.
  • Durable Aluminum Frame: Lightweight yet robust hex-shaped design for dependable daily use.
  • Safety-Enhanced with Dual Wing Bolts: Adds to the safety and durability of internal components.
  • Exclusive Interlock Safety System: Provides safety redundancy at crucial points.
  • Superior Grip Non-Marking Soles: Ideal for both commercial and residential environments.
  • Customizable for Comfort: Adjustable stilt height, calf height, footbed, and strap positioning for tailored fit.
  • Large Footplates for Stability: Ensures a stable stance and better balance on the job.
  • 360° Wraparound Leg Bands: Offer unmatched comfort without the discomfort of traditional stilts.
  • Auto-Locking, Non-Slip Straps: Premium cotton webbed straps for a secure and comfortable fit.



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