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Strait-Flex Roll-Patch 5.5" x 20' Roll

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Strait-Flex Roll-Patch 5.5" x 20' Roll

The Strait-Flex Roll Patch is the most economical way to repair drywall. The patch material is imprinted with standard design patterns for easy use and easy trimming. The Roll Patch can be easily installed with standard drywall compounds and the 2nd coat can be applied very soon after with just a light skim-coat to finish.  

Strait-Flex Roll-Patch 5.5" x 20' Roll Features:

  • Continuous roll patch allows material to be cut to any length
  • Imprinted with standard electrical outlet patterns to make repairs easy
  • PVC fiber composite material
  • Easily installs using standard compounds. No special tools or fasteners needed
  • Second coat of compound can be applied immediately very light skim-coat to finish
  • Size: 5.5" x 20′ x .013"


  • Drywall damage
  • Custom applications


  • Cut patch to desired dimensions.
  • Prepare surface by cleaning and lightly sanding area around receptacle.
  • Apply 1/4" of quick set or drywall compound directly to back of Roll Patch.
  • Flip over patch and position Roll Patch over center of repair and wipe down flat to wall using joint knife.
  • Immediately skim coat edges of patch and let dry. Compound that remains on back side of Roll Patch in damaged or mis-cut areas makes Roll Patch very rigid.
  • Apply second coat. Let dry and sand. Roll Patch will not fuzz up during sanding.



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