Strait-Flex Outlet Drywall Patch- 10 Pack


  • $21.99

Strait-Flex Roll-Patch 11" x 50' Roll

Strait-Flex Outlet Drywall Patch- 10 Pack

Strait-Flex Outlet Patches are precut and used to repair or reinforce mis-cut or damaged drywall sections around receptacle boxes. The precut outlet patches can be easily installed using standard compounds and no special tools or fasteners are needed. The outlet patches will not fuzz-up during sanding.

Strait-Flex Outlet Drywall Patch Features:

  • Pre-cut patches fit standard receptacle boxes making installation easy and quick
  • Quickly repair and reinforce mis-cut or damaged areas around receptacle boxes using standard drywall compounds
  • Very fast, extremely strong
  • Patches work in wet/ damp environments
  • Material will not fuzz up during sanding
  • Pack of 10 patches
  • Size: 4-3/4"x 6-1/4"


  • To apply, lightly sand area to be repaired.
  • Apply drywall compound 1/8”-1/4” thick directly to back of patch.
  • Place patch over center of repair and wipe down flat to wall using joint knife.
  • Immediately skim-coat patch and let dry.
  • Apply second coat, let dry, and sand. Compound that remains on backside of Outlet-Patch makes patch very rigid in the damaged area.



If you want to purchase in bulk feel free to contact for additional pricing details.

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