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Strait-Flex BT-100 Butt-Tape 2-1/16” X 100’ Roll

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Strait-Flex Butt-Tape 2-1/16” X 100’ Roll

Strait-Flex Butt Tape allows professional tapers to achieve perfect results and flat butt-joints- goes virtually unnoticeable- while allowing faster installation than conventional tape. Butt-Tape by Strait-Flex is two times stronger than paper or mesh tape. Butt-Tape requires no pre-filling, will not shrink, and does not require compound over the laminated center. This tape works great on vertical and horizontal butt-joints.

Strait-Flex Butt-Tape 2-1/16” X 100’ Roll Features:

  • Good for vertical/horizontal butt-joints and commercial "Top-Out" applications
  • Twice as fast as conventional tapes. 50% less compound. 50% less sanding. 50% faster drying time
  • Good for repair of cracked butt-joints and ceiling joints that have failed due to movement
  • Can be applied with a Bazooka, banjo, or by hand
  • No pre-filling required. No delayed shrinkage
  • No compound required over laminated area of tape. Just skim coat edges
  • Three times stronger than paper tape


  • Apply all-purpose joint compound to butt-joint with a 5” or 6” taping knife. Press Butt-Tape into wet compound by hand. Adjust center line of tape to center over joint.
  • Wipe down edges. Immediately apply a coat of compound with an 8” or 10” taping knife to each edge of Butt-Tape. Let dry.
  • Apply second coat with 10” or 12” taping knife to each edge of Butt-Tape. Let dry and sand.



If you want to purchase in bulk feel free to contact for additional pricing details.

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