Richard Ergo-Grip Carbon Steel Flex Joint Knife (4,5,6")


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Richard Ergo-Grip Flex Knife (4,5,6")

Richard Ergo-Grip Carbon Steel Flex Joint Knife (4,5,6")

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The Richard Ergo-Grip Flex Knife is made with a flexible high-carbon steel blade. It is a Full tang, heat-treated, tempered, ground, mirror-polished and lacquer-sealed blade. The blade is hollow on both sides. 

The Soft rubber-like handle material, Santoprene, and the broad hilt design provides maximum gripping and it also cleans easily and is resistant to solvents. Ergonomic design that reduces muscle fatigue and strain by eliminating pressure points when scaping and taping. Die-cast steel head on hammer end allows for setting nails correctly due to its perfect radius design. 

Full tang blade, perfectly ground, ensures optimum flexibility and even distribution of compounds

Richard Ergo-Grip Carbon Steel Joint Flex Knife Uses:

  • Tapes drywall joints
  • Patches drywall
  • Sets drywall nails


RUB-114, RUB-115, RUB-116

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