Hyde 9” Radial Sander Head 09977

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Hyde 9” Radial Sander Head 09977

The Hyde 9” Radial Sander Head is engineered for the professionals to sand large areas with greater ease. Being the lightest radial sander sander on the market the Hyde 9” Radial Sander cuts down on fatigue and allows for more sander control.

It has a unique pivoting hinge and round shape that prevents the sander from flipping. The hook and loop design allows for a quick, secure abrasive change and it is able to be used with any 9” round abrasive material. The Hyde 9”Radial Sander includes 1 sanding disk.

Hyde 9” Radial Sander Head 09977 Features:

  • Pivoting hinge prevents flipping
  • Prevents damage to walls with no flip feature
  • Hook and loop system allows for quick change
  • Lightweight Sander
  • Attaches to an Acme threaded pole
  • Smoother finish
  • Includes 1 (120 Grit) Sanding Disc

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