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Dura-Stilt Dura III 24-40" Professional Adjustable Drywall Stilts D2440


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Dura-Stilts Dura III 24-40"

Dura-Stilts Dura III 24-40" Professional Adjustable Drywall Stilts D2440

The new proprietary secure comfort foot harness system features width adjustable aluminum heel brackets onto which are riveted semi-flexible side panels with a foot positioning arch strap and an easily adjustable heel strap. The toe strap portion of the foot harness utilizes semi-flexible side panels with adjustable molded brackets to which are attached an easily adjustable strap and patented buckle. The design makes possible a quick in and out, rear entry, sandal style foot attachment system. The unique symmetrically attached arch strap serves to position one's foot fore and aft on the stilt and the rear strap tightens securely around the upper portion of the heel to continue the foot comfortably and securely in its proper location between the arch strap and the heel strap.

The Dura-III is the undisputed leader and most recognized articulating leg extension device in the world today. It is the best selling stilt ever and is the industry standard throughout the industrialized world. The Dura-III stilts feature such things as semi-flexible foot plates and floor plates, nylon leg bearings at all pivot points, beefed up adjustment hole walls, steel wing-bolt inserts, nylon sleeves in the adjustable legs, a universally adjustable side leg support which does not need to be re-adjusted when the stilts are adjusted for height, commercial grade strap webbing, self locking buckles and genuine re-enforced rubber soles.  

All components are field replaceable for stilt renewability and longevity.  

Adjustable Height: 24" - 40"
Weight Capacity: 225 lbs

Dura-Stilts III 24-40" are sometimes on backorder due to global shortages. New Dura-Stilts arrive at limited quantity so most orders will be placed on a backorder. Backorders will be fulfilled and shipped as soon as new units arrive. 



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