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We have updated our website to enhance your browsing experience while maintaining the same exceptional service and products.
We have updated our website to enhance your browsing experience while maintaining the same exceptional service and products.

Drywall Texture Roller- Crows Foot for Walls and Ceilings

by Renard
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Renard Products Tree Bark Texture Roller for Walls and Ceilings

Introducing the Renard Products™ Crow's Foot Texture Roller, an innovative and time-saving solution for adding the striking crow's foot pattern to your walls and ceilings. This high-quality rubber drywall texture roller easily rolls over fresh textured surfaces, delivering a beautiful and uniform pattern that conceals imperfections and defects in old walls. Compatible with any standard 9-inch paint roller, this USA-made tool offers a faster and more efficient alternative to traditional slap brushing techniques.

Creating the crow's foot pattern with the Renard Products™ Texture Roller is a breeze. Begin by thinning your drywall joint compound to achieve a workable consistency, making it effortless to spread and manipulate. Pour the thinned compound into a paint tray, and coat your roller generously by rolling it back and forth in the tray. Once your roller is loaded with the compound, you can apply it to the surface using various techniques to achieve your desired pattern. Press firmly against the wall or ceiling, ensuring that the crow's foot pattern is prominent and distinctive. Experiment with straight lines for a more symmetrical appearance or use random strokes for a more organic, artistic design. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

Renard Products Tree Bark Texture Roller Features:

  • Crow's Foot texture suitable for both walls and ceilings
  • Made in the USA by Renard Products™
  • High-quality rubber drywall texture roller
  • Compatible with standard 9-inch paint rollers
  • Ideal for creating knockdown and stand-up drywall texture patterns
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Efficient alternative to slap brushing techniques
  • Perfect for texture matching and hiding imperfections
  • Simple and straightforward application process

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