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Columbia Corner Cobra: Ultimate Drywall Trim Setting Tool

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Columbia Corner Cobra: Ultimate Drywall Trim Setting Tool

The Columbia Corner Cobra is a revolutionary drywall trim setting tool that significantly accelerates your drywall projects. It's an innovative solution for applying structural corner beads like UltraFlex, Strait-Flex, No-Coat, and Levelline on both inside and outside angles. With its patented design and cutting-edge features, the Corner Cobra ensures a faster, more consistent finish compared to manual techniques, enhancing your productivity and saving you valuable time and money.

Crafted from U.S. sourced billet aluminum and steel components, the Corner Cobra showcases quality and durability. Its adaptable head can adjust to any angle, providing the flexibility to handle any degree of angle, inside or outside. Equipped with integrated shock absorbers, it effortlessly conforms to imperfect settings or framing, providing a smoother application. With the universal adapter, you can conveniently attach it to Acme painter pole thread.

Columbia Corner Cobra: Ultimate Drywall Trim Setting Tool Features:

  • Can handle all inside or outside angles using just one tool
  • Quick adjustment to any inside or outside angle via an easy-to-use thumb indexer
  • Integrated shock absorbers for easy adaptation to imperfect setting or framing
  • Attachable to ATF corner roller handles and the X1 handle. Universal adapter available for Acme painter pole thread
  • Compatible with UltraFlex, No-Coat, Levelline, and StraitFlex products
  • Manufactured from U.S. sourced billet aluminum and steel components for durability
  • Carefully machined in Columbia's state-of-the-art facility in Canada
  • Works on inside and outside angles from 85 to 180 degrees
  • Effective for setting No-Coat 350 and 425 as well as regular tapes
  • Tracks the center and outside edge, requiring only a knife feather
  • Compatible with Corner Roller handles
  • Incorporates shock absorbers to accommodate imperfect angles and settings



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