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TriggerFoam Pro: High-Performance Window and Door Polyurethane Expanding Foam

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TriggerFoam Pro: High-Performance Window and Door Polyurethane Expanding Foam

TriggerFoam Pro is an advanced one-part polyurethane expanding foam specifically formulated for window and door installations. Its innovative low-pressure formula is designed to expand with precision, ensuring that windows and door frames remain undistorted. This foam sets by absorbing moisture from the air, with surface drying occurring within 1-5 hours and complete curing within 12-15 hours. It adheres excellently to common surfaces like concrete, brick, and metal without necessitating prior surface preparation, even in damp conditions.

TriggerFoam Pro is not only easy to use but also provides an R-5 insulation value, making it an efficient alternative to traditional insulation materials. The specially designed dispensing gun allows for precise control over the flow rate and bead size, enabling targeted application across various scenarios. It's ideal for sealing, insulating, and filling, effectively blocking drafts, stopping leaks, and enhancing energy efficiency. Beyond its insulation capabilities, once cured, it serves as a sound dampener, buoyancy material, radon controller, and asbestos fiber confiner, with applications extending into the HVAC sector.

Tiggerfoam Window and Door Features:

  • One-part polyurethane expanding foam tailored for window and door use
  • Low-pressure formula minimizes distortion of frames during expansion
  • Quick setting with air moisture, surface dries in 1-5 hours, fully cures in 12-15 hours
  • Bonds well with multiple surfaces including concrete, brick, and metal
  • No surface preparation required, suitable for use on damp surfaces
  • Offers R-5 insulation value for superior thermal efficiency
  • Dispensing gun ensures precise control over application
  • Effective for sealing, insulating, and filling, enhancing energy savings
  • Blocks drafts, stops leaks, and adheres to all construction materials
  • Cures into a sound deadening and buoyancy material
  • Controls radon and helps confine asbestos fibers
  • Applicable in a range of HVAC scenarios

Tiggerfoam Window and Door Applications:

  • Insulating and sealing around window frames, sills, and door frames
  • Filling and insulating in floor/wall joints, electrical boxes, and AC systems
  • Sound dampening and sealing breaches in walls and construction gaps
  • Useful in non-fire rated wall penetrations, underground ductwork, and more

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