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TriggerFoam Pro Fire Block - Polyurethane Expanding Foam

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TriggerFoam Pro Fire Block - Polyurethane Expanding Foam

TriggerFoam Pro Fire Block is a cutting-edge, one-part polyurethane expanding foam specifically designed for Type V residential construction, aiming to effectively block the spread of smoke and flame. This product ingeniously sets into its final, durable form by absorbing moisture from the air, boasting a quick surface drying time of 1-5 hours and fully cures within 12-15 hours. Its expansive nature, increasing 2-3 times post-application, along with its compatibility with a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick, metal, and more, without the need for prior surface preparation, makes it an incredibly versatile and user-friendly solution. Furthermore, TriggerFoam Pro Fire Block provides an impressive R-5 equivalent value, enhancing its efficiency as an insulation material. Its specialized dispensing gun facilitates precise control over flow rate and bead size, ensuring optimal application in a multitude of settings. Whether for insulating, filling, sealing, or a range of other applications, this product stands out for its multifunctionality and high performance in ensuring building safety and energy efficiency.


    • CFC-free propellant and Class B2 Flame retardant
    • Physiologically harmless once fully cured
    • Free from urea formaldehyde and PCBs
    • Non-rotting and age-resistant
    • Low odor and high foam yield (up to 1.8 ft³ per 29 oz. can)
    • Precision adjustable applicator for minimal to expansive foam beads
    • Hardened steel dispenser tip and precision valve for durability and shelf life
    • Allows for "stop and go" application; remains liquid in applicator until dispensed
    • Minimal subsequent expansion (±10%)
    • Compatible with PVC
    • VOC: 185.5 g/L


    • Around window frames, sills, door frames, and floor/wall joints
    • Refrigeration units and pipes
    • Electrical junction boxes
    • Attics and air conditioning systems
    • Breaches in walls and sound dampening
    • Voids in concrete forms
    • Pipe penetrations in non-fire rated walls
    • Underground ductwork
    • Gaps in construction materials

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