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TapeTech 8000TT-PA Wizard Compact Flat Box Handle

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TapeTech 8000TT-PA Wizard Compact Flat Box Handle

The TapeTech 8000TT-PA Wizard Compact provides control, convenience, leverage, and easy control of flat boxes. The 8000TT-PA Wizard is specifically designed for TapeTech Power Assist Flat Boxes. The handle is designed with the angle needed for extra clearance on power assist boxes. The Wizard allows the user to take flat boxes to places traditional flat box handles would not allow like closets and under stairs. The Wizard is much safer for workers on scaffolds and is the fastest and easiest way to finish any joints. The Wizard works especially well with horizontal joints. The ability to control the flat boxes by placing your hand directly over the pressure plate reducing the effort required while providing you with unmatched control over flat boxes.

The Wizard Finishing Box Handle has the ability to reverse the front handle, allowing for multiple ergonomic hand positions resulting in a reduction of user fatigue and ultimately increasing productivity and efficiency. The lack of a brake handle on the Wizard™ means even an unexperienced finisher can learn quickly.

TapeTech 8000TT-PA Wizard Compact Flat Box Handle Features:

  • Compact handle(10.5”) fits in small spaces, making closets and tight spots no problem.
  • Specifically designed with angle to fit on TapeTech Power Assist Flat Boxes
  • Unmatched control and leverage
  • Reversible handle design reduces fatigue and increases productivity.
  • Fits all major brand flat boxes (Excluding TapeWorm)



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