TapeTech 7" EasyClean Flat Box EZ07TT


  • $415.00

TapeTech 7" EasyClean Finishing Box EZ07TT

TapeTech 7" EasyClean Flat Box EZ07TT

The TapeTech 7” EasyClean Flat Box EZ07TT applies the accurate amount of drywall joint compound and feathers both edges at the same time. The adjustable setting dial allows for the adjustment of the joint compound over the tape on the drywall joint.

The EasyRoll wheel system allows for an expert finish of all types of outside cornerbead two times faster than by traditional hand methods. EasyRoll Wheels work with all types of corner bead (paper-faced, metal, vinyl, and bullnose). The Wheels provide a shoulder to smoothly guide the finishing box over the corner bead without damage to the axle. EasyRoll Wheels are perfectly aligned with the finishing blade so tiliting of the finishing box is not needed.

TapeTech 7" EasyClean Flat Box EZ07TT Features:

  • Great for first coats on flat seams and cornerbeads
  • EZ Roll Wheels helps expertly finish all types of outside corner bead two times faster than by hand
  • Quick Release Thumb Latches For Easy Cleanup
  • Adjustable Setting Dial allows the user to adjust the amount of joint compound applied to the tape
  • Fits All Major Brand Drywall Flat Box Handles
  • 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.



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