TapeTech 10” EHC10 MAXXBOX Flat Box


  • $480.00

TapeTech 10” EHC10 MAXXBOX Flat Box
TapeTech 10” EHC10 MAXXBOX Flat Box

The TapeTech 10” MAXXBOX Flat Box offers increased efficiency and production speed because of its optimum capacity to weight ratio. The EHC10 MAXXBOX Flat Box holds up to 94% more mud than standard flat boxes and 68% more mud than the other high capacity competitor flat boxes.  This increased mud capacity is great on the first coat. The TapeTech 10” MAXXBOX is the ideal choice for base coating flat seams, corner bead, and butt joints. The Finishing Box includes an adjustable dial to maintain precision. TapeTech Maxxbox Flat Boxes will fit any major brand of flat box handle.

TapeTech 10” EHC10 MAXXBOX Flat Box Features:

  • Hold up to 94% more compound than standard flat boxes
  • Optimum capacity to weight ratio on every coat
  • Perfect for first coat on butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings
  • Precise dial adjustment for perfect precision and mud flow
  • EasyRoll wheel system allow you to finish outside corner bead
  • Hinged door opens wide and allows for easy cleaning
  • 5-Year TapeTech Manufacturer’s Warranty



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