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Ox Tools Pro MixM8 Drywall Mud Mixing Paddle

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Ox Tools Pro MixM8 Drywall Mud Mixing Paddle

Ox Tools Pro MixM8 Drywall Mud Mixing Paddle 

The Ox Tools Pro MixM8 is a revolutionary mixing paddle due to its unique rabbit ear design. The design makes the mixing smoother and makes for a faster and easier cleanup. The MixM8 is a very flexible, durable, non porous plastic mixing paddle. The design creates a whirling motion and a smooth and consistent mix. The smooth ends of the mixer are design to not tear up the bucket. There is no need for strenuous mixing here. Just hold the MixM8 in the Center of the bucket and let the mixer do the work for you! 

Ox Tools Pro MixM8 Drywall Mud Mixing Paddle Features:

  • Unique 'Rabbit Ear' Design Produces Smoother Mixes Faster And Makes Clean-Up Easier
  • Made Of Highly Flexible And Durable Non-Porous Plastic Mixing Paddle That Minimizes Foam, Bubbles, And Air Entrapment
  • Fast And Easy Clean Up - Simply Finish With A Quick Spin In A Clean Water Bucket Or Knock Off Dried Materials Afterwards
  • Edge-To-Edge Mixing (No Need To Stop And Stir)
  • Smooth Ends Prevent Damage To Bucket
  • Far Less Strenuous, No Longer Chase Your Mix Round The Bucket, Hold The Mixm8 In The Center Of The Bucket And Let The Blades Do The Work
  • 3⁄8” Shaft Version Is Used With A Standard Cordless Drill, No Need For Power On Site When Mixing

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