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Joest 80 Grit Drywall Sanding Sheets 3-7/16" x 11-3/4"- 15ct

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Joest 80 Grit Drywall Sanding Sheets 3-7/16" x 11-3/4"- 15ct

Joest drywall sanding sheets have a multi-hole, perforated surface design. This design allows for maximum dust removal from the surface and eliminates load up. The non-woven backing draws the dust through the portholes. The full potential of the abrasives life is unlocked because dust particles will not be clogging up the paper. Perforation allows the sheet to last longer (up to 3 times longer than standard sheets) and provide a higher level of finish.

Joest Drywall Sanding Sheets utilize aluminum oxide grit that is rounded (instead of jagged), and wears uniformly. Traditional drywall sandpaper starts out cutting hard because it uses a sharp edged silicon carbide abrasive. Because Joest Drywall Sanding Sheets wear uniformly they will sand and cut at the same rate throughout their lifespan.

80 Grit- 15 Pack

Joest Abrasives


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