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USG Sheetrock Tools Profesional Mud Mixer 30"

USG Sheetrock Tools Profesional Mud Mixer 30"

USG Sheetrock Tools Professional Mud Mixer 30"

A mud mixer is key for every professional drywaller on the job site for mixing joint compound. A reliable, long lasting Mud Mixer is absolutely necessary for drywall professionals. 

So which one is crowned the best Drywall Mud Mixer out there? It all depends on who you ask. Some professionals prefer certain Mixers over the others. At Timothy's Toolbox we asked a lot of professionals out there on which one's they preferred. The most popular answer we received back was the USG Sheetrock Tools Drywall Mud Mixer 30"!


The USG Sheetrock Mud Mixer is widely used throughout the professional drywall industry. Sheetrock Tools is considered one of the best drywall brands on the market. Not only was the Sheetrock Tools line created by a leading manufacturer in building products for over 115 years, but every product is designed and constructed for the professional in mind.


The USG Sheetrock Mud Mixer is constructed with the highest quality heavy gauge steel. This mud mixer goes all out for performance and quality. Every mixer is created equal and you will notice the perfect balance of each and every USG mixer. Because the USG Mud Mixer is balanced the drill doesn't shake or vibrate like many other Drywall Mud Mixers. Numerous professionals commented that you can immediately tell the difference when using the USG Sheetrock Mud Mixer over other Mud Mixers and we absolutely agree. The construction of the USG Mud Mixer is second to none. The USG Mud Mixer is much smoother when mixing drywall joint compound. 


USG designed this mud mixer for not only quality and comfort in mind but also efficiency. Ask any professional drywaller out there and one of(if not the most) important thing is efficiency. The tools a drywaller uses not only need to be high quality so they last long and are dependable on the jobsite, but they also need to be efficient. Cutting down on time is key for any drywall finishing job. The Tri-Fold Mixing Action of the blades folds drywall mud material from the sides, top and bottom of the bucket, resulting in less shaking, less splattering and less mess. The USG Sheetrock Mud Mixer mixes drywall compound 20% faster than conventional mixers and eliminates bucket gouging with the rounded bottom edges of the blade. Eliminating time of mixing drywall joint compound and limiting mess to clean up helps cut down on time spent.


The USG Sheetrock Drywall Mud Mixer 30" is an extremely versatile mud mixer able to mix drywall compound, tile adhesive, grout, filler, adhesive mortar, filler compound, floor screed, etc. 


We at Timothy's Toolbox recommend to every professional to try out the USG Sheetrock Tools Mud Mixer 30". This Mud Mixer is one of the best Mud Mixers for the professional! 

USG Sheetrock Mud Mixer 30"
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Rick Jamison - November 18, 2021

We only use the USG Mixer. We tried the new DeWalt one, but it is not as good as the USG one. We will never use another up here.

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