Renegade Taping Knives vs AMES vs WalBoard


Today, I thought we should talk about the Renegade Taping Knives. Most people are usually turned off by the low price of the their taping knives and assume the quality just isn't there. However, I can honestly say that these taping knives are the best bang for your buck! The Renegade Taping Knives are modeled after the ever popular Ames Textured Handle Taping Knives and the WalBoard Textured Handle Taping knives Blue Steel and Stainless Steel. Whenever a customer is wanting a set of AMES or WalBoard, we always recommend the customer to take a look at the Renegade Taping Knives. 


When you look at their pricing you would consider Renegade Tools a discount brand but when you look at the quality you will be very pleased. We were actually skeptical when we were first approached at carrying Renegade Tools before we actually put their products to use. Renegade Tools are sticking to their market concept of being a low price, high quality brand for the professional drywaller. The average Renegade Textured Handle Blue Steel Taping Knife is 30% less expensive than the AMES Textured Handle Blue Steel Taping Knife and 10% less than the WalBoard Textured Handle Blue Steel Taping Knife. . The Blade on the Renegade is far and away better than the AMES knife. 


The blades of the Renegade Textured Knives are hands down, no competition better than the WalBoard Knives and the Ames knives. There is just no question about it. If you had one of each in your hand you would definitely tell the difference. The Renegade Blade is just a much better quality blade. Renegade Tools just doesn't have the name yet as AMES and WalBoard but these knives are better in turns of blade quality and price. 


















The Renegade Taping Knives Feature a Lightweight, Balanced Design that is unrivaled by the AMES and WalBoard Taping knives. The Handle is the exact same nonslip, ergonomic design as the AMES and WalBoard Textured handle taping knives. 


Renegade has a no questions, 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!  If you don’t like it send it back. We believe you will not find a higher quality taping blade on the market (blue or stainless steel) for the price.  When you receive the taping knives you will know exactly why we say don’t judge a book by the price alone. 








We recommend any professional drywaller who wants a great set of textured handle knives, whether it is Blue Steel or Stainless Steel to check out the Renegade Taping Knives. We at Timothy's Toolbox were blown away at the quality of these knives especially at the price. We wouldn't be surprised if these knives become a staple in the drywall industry and I know that a lot of storefronts are starting to carry the Renegade Taping knives instead of the AMES knives and the WalBoard knives due to the quality difference and the price. You can purchase the Renegade Textured Handle Taping Knives on our website. We recommend trying out an entire set of either the Blue Steel or Stainless Steel Taping Knives. You won't regret it! 


"If you like the Wal-Board or AMES textured handle knives you will love this. The bright yellow color handle is textured for a perfect weight, and comfortable grip. Try these out. We promise you won't regret it!"

The Renegade Textured Handle Taping Knives are available in 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" in Blue Steel and Stainless Steel blades.

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