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Why Seasoned Drywall Pros Still Prefer Drywall Benches

Why Seasoned Drywall Pros Still Prefer Drywall Benches

Contractors can use different gear and tools to gain height for hanging drywall sheetrock. The two main ones are stilts and drywall benches. Stilts attach directly to your feet and may seem more efficient than drywall benches. That’s not the case. We can tell you exactly why seasoned drywall pros still prefer drywall benches.

Better Balance

It takes a minute to get used to drywall stilts. A drywall bench requires no preparation to use. Contractors can simply step up and swivel around with the piece of sheetrock in their hands. The bar between the ground and the top surface is sturdy and dependable enough to step on before getting to the top.

You can shake or even jump on the top surface, and the bench still won’t move. It’s truly solid as a rock. Contractors don’t have to worry about a shaky surface or the bench failing and cracking underneath them. Fewer injuries occur with a drywall bench on the scene.

Wide Platform

Instead of using an A-frame step ladder, use a drywall bench. The A-frame is not nearly wide enough to support contractors working through a project. You’ll find yourself swinging your leg over to switch positions and get better situated for the installation.

With a drywall bench, there is enough room on the platform for contractors to twist, turn, and swivel without falling off or needing to place a foot on the ground. There is no need to step back and try to adjust the screws behind your back. Hanging drywall does not require acrobatics.

Adjustable Height

At Timothy’s Toolbox, our drywall benches come equipped with an adjustable height so you can change it to cater to your needs. All you need to do is reach underneath the platform, locate the spring, compress it, and adjust the legs to your desired height.

Hanging drywall comes at multiple levels. Some areas of the site will be high, and others will be low. A drywall bench eliminates the issue of reaching and overstretching your arms and back. You can even take the legs out completely and replace them with an extension for the more hard-to-reach areas.

It does not make sense for you to be a seasoned drywall pro and not have a drywall bench, and we just told you the reasons why. So, shop with us today for all your necessary drywall tools. For more information, visit our website.

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