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Why All High-Volume Drywall Professionals Need an Auto Taper

Why All High-Volume Drywall Professionals Need an Auto Taper

Your drywall business is taking off and getting more demanding by the day. As a high-volume drywall professional, you need the proper tools to complete your jobs. One of the first tools you need to get is an auto taper.

Better for Your Health

Hanging drywall can take a toll on your body. The job is physically demanding, and the constant repetitive movements will put a strain on your body. Installing drywall does not have to be a young person’s game if you use the automatic taper.

This tool will make your work easier because it completes two tasks at once; it applies the joint compound and tape simultaneously. The function and the movement help to relieve some of the pressure on your shoulders, back, and arms.

Get More Work Done

The auto taper gets the job done in half the time. If you have a set timeline for your contracting job, you need this tool to help you reach the goal. As previously stated, it completes two jobs at one time, which helps to boost your speed while working.

Areas that might cause you difficulty aren’t so difficult to complete with the taper because it works so quickly to lay down the tape and joint compound. You can complete one room quicker than before and move on to your next task immediately.

Safer Than Manual Application

An automatic drywall taping tool is safer than taping your drywall manually. Applying the tape manually means you need a step ladder to reach high ceilings and tight corners. The auto taper gives you extra mobility and eliminates the need for a ladder.

Manufacturers designed the tool so it can reach great heights and tight corners. You can easily move across the ceiling while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.

More Precise

Precision is crucial when it comes to drywall. You’ll always need to reach some tight corners, and doing it manually will only result in a mess. The automatic taper can reach those corners and internal angles with no problem. Additionally, the taper adjusts slightly out-of-square corners. You will come across these because there is no such thing as a perfect structure.

You can’t conduct a successful high-volume drywalling business without having the proper drywalling tools, including an auto taper. Check out the ones we have in stock here at Timothy’s Toolbox. For more information, visit our website.

Benefits of Automatic Taping Tools

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