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Tips for Mixing Drywall Mud the Right Way

Tips for Mixing Drywall Mud the Right Way

You’ve dealt with your mud getting stiff on you. You’ve probably discovered a few ways to loosen up the compound, but properly mixing your drywall requires more skill than adding water. Read up on these tips for mixing drywall mud the right way.

Different Joint Compounds

Joint compounds, also known as drywall mud, come in powdered (drying) compounds, setting type compounds, or ready-mix compounds. You can either purchase mixed powdered compounds as setting types or drying types. You’ll need your essential mixing tools: water, a pail, and an electric drill.

Every project requires a different type of drywall mud, and most projects, experts, and even beginners use the premixed drywall mud in a box or a bucket. This material has a set time to dry after 24 hours. Consider using this material for handling more extensive projects, such as basements or entire rooms.

If you have plans for a much smaller project, like fixing a few cracks in the foundation, consider powdered drywall mud as your go-to. This material sets up at a specific time increment. For example, if you purchase a 20-minute drywall mud, it should dry in 20 minutes.

Setting-Type Compounds

Before mixing a setting-type compound, you must acquire a clean pail and mixing paddle. If these items have leftover residue or even a thin film of setting, the combination can cause the new mix of the compound to set up prematurely. The residual hardened mixture can leave chunks in the latest batch.

When mixing this compound, pay close attention to the directions on the label. Pour the exact amount of cool, clean water into the pail. Ensure the water temperature is not too hot or cold to keep a consistent mix.

Next, add the compound and use your drywall mud mixing paddle to reach desired consistency. The mix should come out stiff enough to hold its form but not so stiff that you can’t smooth it over. Avoid over mixing and adding more compound than needed for use in that specific time.

Drying-Type Compound

When mixing the powdered-type compound, add the compound to the specified amount of water and mix until the powder looks and feels completely damp. Then, let the mixture sit for 15 minutes and remix.

Remember that powdered compounds don’t set up, so they need to air dry, allowing you to keep the mix for an extended period. Regardless of this perk, continue to cover the mud before stepping away.

Ready-Mixed Compound

If you purchased your ready-mixed compound fresh, it requires only some stirring. If the mix has been sitting out, add a small amount of water to loosen the mud.

Ready-mixed compounds typically stay at a consistent state, but you can thin them out for tapping if needed. Just remember to add a little water at a time to avoid over-thinning. If the compound looks moldy or smells sour over time, avoid usage. This batch has gone bad and could potentially harm the remainder of your project.

We’ve got all the tools here at Timothy’s Toolbox. With whichever compound you choose to purchase, follow the exact instructions on the label and these tips for mixing your drywall mud the right way. For more information, visit our website.

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