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The Different Types of Drywall Taping Tools

The Different Types of Drywall Taping Tools

If you're new to drywalling, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of tools you need for the job. To help acquaint you with the essentials, here’s what you need to know about the different types of drywall taping tools. We'll describe the four most common taping tools and what they do in this brief overview.

Automatic Taper

Tapers are must-haves for every job. These tools prepare the drywall for painting. You use them to apply tape to cover the seams. You then smooth the tape and apply a finishing layer of compound to it.

Manually taping is a long and arduous process. That’s why automatic tapers are the way to go. Semi-automatic and fully automatic tapers take on most of the work for you, easing your burden and speeding up the finishing process.

Drywall Taping Banjo

Despite the name, tape banjos aren't musical instruments. Rather, they're handy tools that cut taping time by allowing you to mud and tape seams at the same time. Using tape banjos also eliminates loose and bubbling tape. So, how does the banjo work? You may have noticed it resembles a giant tape dispenser. It functions like one, too, with one big difference—as the tape passes from the roll to the cutting edge, it goes through a chamber full of mud. Banjos have designs that enable them to dispense the perfect amount of mud onto the tape, and most banjos let you adjust the amount applied on the fly.

Corner Applicators

Another one of the different types of drywall taping tools is the corner applicator. Working with corners is never easy, but corner applicators make it a lot less complicated. You can use these tools to perfectly feather the joint and compound edges of internal corners in one go. They work with both wall-to-wall corners and wall-to-ceiling corners. Corner applicators remove excess mud, embed corner tape, and finish corners quickly and professionally.

Skimming Knives

Skimming knives are also essential taping tools and come in various sizes. There are 7-, 10-, 14-, 18-, 24-, 32-, 40-, and 48-inch versions. You use them to smooth and wipe down tape after you’ve manually or automatically applied it.

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