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Signs You Need To Replace Your Drywall Knives

Signs You Need To Replace Your Drywall Knives

Drywall knives are essential tools for professional contractors. They’re sturdy, but they won’t last forever, and as they begin to wear out, you may notice they produce subpar results. You don’t want the quality and reliability of your work to suffer, keeping your eyes peeled for signs of wear and tear is crucial. To help you catch worn tools before they wreak havoc, here are four signs you need to replace your drywall knives.

Completing Jobs Takes Longer Than Usual

If you’ve noticed that completing jobs is taking longer than usual, it might not have anything to do with your skill or motivation. Rather, it could be because of your tools. When tools are in poor condition, they won’t work to their full potential. And when they don’t work to their full potential, you have to spend more time to achieve the same results you would get using a good quality tool.

This goes for all tools, drywall knives included. If you’re spending more time on jobs or fixing mistakes, it might be time to get a new set of knives.

You Can See Visible Signs of Wear

Are your knives scratched, badly chipped, beginning to show significant rust, or just generally worn? Small scratches and chips won’t render your knives unusable, but as they accumulate, your knives will get weaker and weaker. Additionally, you can usually wipe off small spots of rusts, but over time, the knives can be begin to wear beyond use. If all you can see when you look at your knives is a mess of nicks and scrapes, it’s time to retire them.

Your Knives Are Bent

Are your knives heavily bent at the corners or where the blade meets the handle? You can usually remedy bending, but simply getting new drywall knives is often cheaper and less of a time commitment.

Your Knives Are Super Flexible

The final sign you need to replace your drywall knives is that they’re overly flexible. Drywall knives are intended to have some degree of flexibility, but if your knives are too malleable, you’ll need to replace them.

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