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Should You Build or Buy Your Drywall Bench?

Should You Build or Buy Your Drywall Bench?

When installing sheetrock, drywallers sometimes must work at great heights. Working with drywall above their heads and on the ceilings is difficult without some added support. Ladders are common tools in contracting projects, but they’re not ideal for drywall installations. A drywall bench works better, but one question remains: should you build or buy one?

A Drywall Bench

A drywall bench is a necessary tool for hanging sheetrock. Some people use drywall stilts when they need to increase their height to hang sheetrock. This is an acceptable method too, but as a professional, you still need to have a drywall bench in your collection.

They are heavier and sturdier than your average ladder. Trying to use a ladder to hang sheetrock is dangerous. For starters, the steps on a ladder aren’t wide enough to perform the drywall tasks.

Hanging sheetrock requires a lot of maneuvering and movement. You’ll need to twist, turn, and reposition your feet several times. Here’s the issue with the ladder. Once you attempt to reposition your feet or twist your body, a good portion of your foot is hanging off the side of the step. One slip is all it takes for a fatal accident to occur.

A drywall bench comes with wide, thick seating, and the surface of the bench is large enough for you to maneuver without the risk of falling. Some come with additional room on the seating, so one slight movement won’t put you near the edge. This is a feature you want and need.

Special Features

The drywall bench comes with more than a wide surface. It’s true that a drywall bench isn’t nearly as tall as a ladder, but that’s OK. It doesn’t need to be. The bench comes with legs that adjust its height.

Most benches average between 18 and 30 inches. That gives you more than enough length to extend to the desired point. If you can, purchase a bench that can reach 30 inches. Some stop at 28, but you want one that goes as high as you need it to. After all, drywalling jobs come in all shapes and sizes.

And you don’t want to purchase a piece of equipment that limits you from completing your job. Drywall benches can hold up to 500 lbs. Meaning it can withstand your weight and the weight of the sheetrock you’re carrying. Keep the bench in good condition to prevent accidents.

Benefits of Building

Building your own drywall bench sounds like a good idea because of the accompanied benefits. But the truth is that there aren’t too many beneficial factors. There are only two legitimate and solid reasons to build your own drywall bench.

Skill Building

If you’re in the habit of always learning something new and getting your hands dirty, building the bench is a smart idea. As a professional contractor, it’s always helpful to gain a new skill. But know that building a bench will require time, focus, and precision.

These are all skills you need for work. Building a drywall bench adds to your skill and sharpens the ones you already have—especially because drywall benches are intricate. There are several different factors and features you need to consider when handling the job.

You need to account for the adjustable height, the materials, dimensions, and the equipment necessary to build the bench. And that is only making a list and gathering materials. After that, you’ll need to draw up designs and schematics to ensure accuracy and precision.


Most drywall benches look the same—at least the ones people purchase do. Building a drywall bench gives you the opportunity to customize it. Aside from writing your name on it, you can add a few other features.

This isn’t about getting fancy or beautifying the bench, but it’s more to do with branding. Your drywalling business comes with a brand, and when people see you and your work, they should see your brand. Incorporating a logo or something to identify you from other contractors helps people identify your company.

Aside from branding customization, you may see a flaw in the current design for drywall work benches. If you note an opportunity for improvement, you can add that feature to your construction. You might have special needs that other contractors don’t, and your drywall bench needs to accommodate those.

Benefits of Buying

Even with those two benefits of building a drywall bench, buying one is still the smarter option. It’s a better convenience for the drywaller, the cost is lower, and there’s more dependability and better quality.


Save yourself time by buying a drywall bench. As a drywaller, you are on a tight schedule, and your time is precious. You can’t afford to waste it by building a bench because that takes away from current and future employment opportunities.


A DIY project always sounds cheaper, but think again. Building a drywall bench costs more money than purchasing one. You need to pay for the materials and the equipment to assemble it. Plus, you’ll need to buy in bulk in case you make a mistake and need to start over.


Your drywall bench needs to be dependable. In other words, it needs to be safe. You may very well construct a fantastic drywall bench, but the truth is you’re still new to the process. Buying one comes with a guarantee of safety. Manufacturers test out these benches to ensure their protection before putting them out for distribution.


Quality is key when it comes to drywall benches. You want the best of the best. At Timothy’s Toolbox, that’s all we supply. Our benches come from reputable brands like Warner, Wal-Board, and Renegade Tools. You can trust that their quality is top-notch. You don’t want to build a drywall bench that falls apart after a few months of use.

Which To Choose?

Choose to buy your drywall bench and, more importantly, choose to buy it from us. If you’re ever stuck trying to decide if you should build or buy any helpful tool, look to us. We’ll point you in the right direction. For more information, visit our website.

Should You Build or Buy Your Drywall Bench?

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