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Perfect Gift Ideas for the Drywall Contractor in Your Life

Perfect Gift Ideas for the Drywall Contractor in Your Life

It can be hard to come up with a gift for a contractor. You want to get them something they’ll appreciate and make good use of, but you also want to get them something they don’t already have. Don’t stress yourself out too much. Check out these perfect gift ideas for the drywall contractor in your life.

Gear Bag

Show them you care by buying them a durable gear bag. They may have something like this already, but chances are they’ve had it for years now. It’s probably endured some wear and tear and lost its purpose. Gift them a new gear bag sturdy enough to hold most of their tools.

There won’t be room for an automatic taper, but that’s okay. You need a bag with enough compartments to carry their hammer, taping knives, measuring tape, drill, and all the other gadgets they bring with them on the job.

Drywall Bench

A drywall bench is a perfect gift that will offer them comfort. Drywalling is a physically demanding job, so if you can find ways to make the work less taxing on your loved one’s body, you’ve helped them out immensely. A drywall bench is better than a ladder or a stepping stool because it’s intended for drywalling purposes.

Manufacturers designed it with a wide enough width that contractors can maneuver on the bench without worrying about falling off. When they need to twist and turn to hang sheetrock, they can do that easily with the bench. Plus, it comes with adjustable legs.

Hard Hat

A hard hat is a great gift because it says you care for their safety. Here at Timothy’s Toolbox, we have several hard hats in various colors, shapes, and designs. A drywaller needs to protect their head, so this gift makes a serious statement.

They also come with maximum comfort. The hat will adjust to your contractor’s head shape, providing security and protection. If you want, you can buy two so they don’t need to worry about replacing the hat in a year.

Taping Knives

A drywall contractor can never have too many taping knives. Since they use this particular tool so much, they’ll need to have an overflowing supply of them. It’s a good idea to get them taping knives in various sizes too.

Some jobs have specific qualifications, and different types of knives help keep their skills diversified. Our taping knives are just some of the many drywall tools at our store. Shop around and see all we have to offer.

We have plenty more gifts for the drywall contractor in your life. For more information, visit our website.

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