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Is an Automatic Drywall Taper Right for Your Project?

Is an Automatic Drywall Taper Right for Your Project?

As a contractor, you have to be aware of the wide variety of tools you might need for a project. If you have a drywall project coming up, you might wonder if an automatic drywall taper is right for it. Read on to find out why you might need one for your next job.

Added Convenience

An automatic taper is undoubtedly a convenient tool. By combining the process of applying joint compound and tape to drywall joints, contractors can quickly and efficiently produce high-quality drywall work.

For example, a taper keeps the tape organized in a roll and automatically feeds it through the tool—already mudded—as necessary. This is much easier and more consistent than freehand applying tape to mud, resulting in fewer imperfections.

Better Work

The taping work you complete on a job is better than if you were to manually apply the tape—especially with those more difficult areas. This is because the taper requires you to thin the taping compound with water before you start applying it. Doing so results in neater work in awkward corners, saving you the time you might spend painstakingly perfecting the job manually.

Fit for Large-Scale Projects

The automatic drywall taper is a tool for skilled drywallers who perform frequent or large-scale drywall jobs. Just as painters use rollers instead of brushes to make large projects easier and less physically taxing, drywall contractors use an automatic taper.

Part of what makes an automatic drywall taper great for large-scale or frequent projects is its ability to store mud and apply it simultaneously with the tape. Otherwise, you would have to make much more frequent trips to the mud bucket, adding to the project time and work.

Choosing a Taper

You don’t want to visit a hardware store and purchase the first taper you see on the shelves. A good contractor knows they need to find a taper that is compatible with their work style and the type of project they have.


Because drywalling is a physically demanding job, you want to ensure the tools you choose help—not hinder—your ability to work. You’ll need to carry the automatic taper around with you a lot, so you should find one that is light enough to carry without straining your back and arms.


Naturally, you want to ensure the taper will last for as long as you need. It’s a big investment, and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. When you look for a taper, ask what the expected lifespan is and make sure it has the necessary parts available for any potential repairs.

At Timothy’s Toolbox, we’re big advocates of the automatic drywall taper because we recognize this tool has so many advantages to offer a contractor. So whether it’s a big or small project, an automatic drywall taper is right for you. Shop our selection today!

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