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Hard Hats vs. Bump Caps: What Is the Difference?

Hard Hats vs. Bump Caps: What Is the Difference?

When you work on a jobsite, you should wear the proper gear. Everything on you should help and protect you from any dangers on the job. That’s why it’s important to know specifics about the gear you purchase and its special functions—some items aren’t interchangeable. Read on to learn about the difference between hard hats and bump caps.

What Is a Bump Cap?

Bump caps are a form of protective gear for working on jobsites. But that protection is limited. Bump caps only protect the person against small impacts that a worker may experience. It will protect them from simple accidents like bumping their head or knocking against a stationary object.

A bump cap isn’t equipped to handle anything that can cause long-lasting or permanent damage. Manufacturers make bump caps from an injection-molded plastic shell encased in a hat that protects workers from the sun. You can fasten and unfasten it from your head if it starts to cause irritation or you want to switch it out.

What Is a Hard Hat?

A hard hat will protect workers from small accidents, just like bump caps, but it handles the bigger jobs too. If there is a falling object or an electrical accident, the hard hat will protect the person underneath.

For electrical jobs, there are different ranges and variations of hard hats you need to consider. There will be guidance on the package letting you know the level of voltage the hat can protect you from. They are also adjustable to fit different head shapes. Our lift carbon fiber hard hats have a six-point suspension system for maximum comfort and protection.

Which To Choose?

Still don’t know which one to pick? When in doubt, go with the hard hat. It’s always better to be overprepared than underprepared. You don’t want to risk severely injuring yourself because you weren’t aware of the potential dangers.

The hard hat protects you from small accidents, big ones, and everything in between. Here at Timothy’s Toolbox, we’re all about providing our customers with the tools to help make their jobs easier and protect them while conducting business.

Know the difference between hard hats and bump caps. You know where our stamp of approval lies, so visit our website for your safety gear today.

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