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Drywall Safety Gear You Should Always Wear

Drywall Safety Gear You Should Always Wear

Every drywalling project needs to start the same way—by making your health and safety a priority. There are too many components on the job that are harmful and hazardous not to. It may not be the most dangerous job, but it’s also not the safest. To keep yourself and your team safe, check out the drywall safety gear you should always wear.

Work Boots

This may be an obvious one, but drywalling is not a job for open-toed shoes. Your feet need to be secure before entering the site, and anyone visiting needs to follow the same rules. However, don’t think regular tennis shoes are going to cut it.

It’s best to enter the site with thick, sturdy work boots. Timberlands are always a good choice. The material of the shoe is thick enough to protect your feet in case something falls or lands on your foot. Plus, if someone accidentally steps on a nail, the soles are thick enough that the tip won’t stab through.

Safety Goggles

Eye protection is crucial on any jobsite. Between all the dusting and sanding, you need to wear a pair of safety goggles. Debris is inevitable, and no one wants to deal with constantly fanning or wiping their eyes all day.

Goggles seal off the eye area with hard plastic, which protects the eyes from flying debris. Depending on the materials used on the site, goggles can also protect against chemical burns and sparks.

Industrial Mask

Along with the goggles, you’ll need an industrial face mask, preferably a NIOSH- or MSHA-approved mask. Respiratory masks are PPE that prevent workers from inhaling airborne contaminants.

Remember, debris and dust will be swirling around the site. It’s not a good idea to breathe in the dust generated from dried compound. Plus, you never know if the area you’re working in contains mold or even asbestos.

Hard Hat

The head might be the most vulnerable part of your body on a jobsite. Hanging sheetrock on ceilings is dangerous. Of course, you handle the job with care to ensure nothing falls, but accidents happen.

Here at Timothy’s Toolbox, we have the protective headgear you need. Check out some of our lift carbon fiber hard hats. These hard hats come in different colors and full brims. Our manufacturers make these hats with durable carbon fiber-reinforced resin and a six-point suspension for comfort.

Knee Pads

Drywalling is taxing on the body. Aside from wearing clothes and gear that protect your skin, you also need equipment that acts as a buffer. Do your knees a favor and get a pair of knee pads.

There will be times you need to get low and crawl around. Knee pads are the perfect buffer between hard floors and your bones.

Don’t skip out on any of the drywall safety gear you should always wear. At Timothy’s Toolbox, having the right tools also means the proper PPE.

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