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Corner Bead Tools: The Key to a Professional-Looking Finish

Corner Bead Tools: The Key to a Professional-Looking Finish

Drywall corners can be tricky to finish, but with the right tools, achieving a professional-looking finish is much easier. A corner bead is a strip of metal or plastic that is used to reinforce the corner of a drywall surface. It provides a clean edge and prevents the drywall from getting dented or chipped. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of corner bead tools available and how they can help you achieve a professional-looking finish on your next drywall project.

What is Corner Bead?

Drywall corner bead is a type of angled trim that is utilized to reinforce and stabilize outside wall corners, where two drywall boards meet. It is commonly utilized in drywall finishing for two primary purposes. Firstly, to fortify and support corners, and secondly, to conceal the visible seam between two distinct drywall boards, leading to a seamless 90-degree angle. Typically, corner bead is only utilized on exterior corners due to its susceptibility to wear and tear but can also be used on inside corners.

Corner Bead

Why Use Corner Bead Tools?

While it is possible to install corner bead without tools, using corner bead tools can make the process much easier and more efficient. Corner bead tools, such as corner bead clinchers, crimpers, and rollers, are designed to help secure the corner bead in place and shape it to fit the angle of the corner. This not only makes for a more professional-looking finish, but also helps to ensure that the corner bead is securely attached and won't come loose over time.

There are several types of corner bead tools available, each designed for a specific task. Here are 5 Corner Bead Tools that can help you with a professional-looking finish:

  1. Corner Bead Clinchers

Corner bead clinchers, also known as corner bead crimpers, are an essential tool for anyone working with drywall. They are designed to secure corner bead in place by crimping the flanges together, creating a tight and secure fit. This helps to prevent the corner bead from shifting or moving during the taping and mudding process, which can lead to an uneven and unprofessional finish. Our collection of corner bead tools includes the popular CC Corp clinch-on tool that is compatible with 1-1/4" and 1-1/8" corner beads.

Using a corner bead clincher ensures that the corner bead is firmly attached to the drywall, preventing any movement or shifting. This, in turn, creates a sharp and precise corner that will remain intact for years to come.

  1. Outside Corner Bead Rollers

An outside corner bead roller is another essential tool for creating a professional-looking finish. It is designed to be used with outside corner bead to create a smooth, rounded edge that blends seamlessly with the surrounding drywall.  These tools are used to shape the corner bead to fit the wall's contour. They work by rolling the corner bead along the outside corner, creating a smooth, seamless finish. Our collection of corner bead tools includes the popular USG Sheetrock Tools Outside Corner Roller, which can be used with a variety of outside corner bead sizes.

By using an outside corner bead roller, you can create a smooth and uniform edge that is free from any bumps or ridges, creating a seamless transition from one wall to another.

Corner Bead Roller
  1. Corner Trowels

Drywall corner trowels are designed to apply joint compound or mud to the outside corners of drywall. They have a unique shape that allows them to apply the mud evenly on both sides of the corner, creating a seamless finish. These trowels are available in different sizes to accommodate different corner widths.

Using a corner trowel ensures a professional-looking finish on outside corners. It allows for a clean and crisp corner without any bumps or inconsistencies. In addition, it reduces the need for sanding and touch-ups, saving time and effort.

  1. Corner Bead Hopper

The Sheetrock Tools Corner Bead Hopper is a must-have tool for anyone who needs to apply large amounts of corner bead quickly and efficiently. This tool allows you to load the corner bead in one side and the exact amount of compound is applied to the corner bead and pulled out the other side of the gates. Our collection of corner bead tools includes the Sheetrock Tools Corner Bead Hopper, which is compatible with a outside 90 degrees, inside 90 degrees, and outside bullnose.

Using a corner bead hopper allows you to work quickly and efficiently, saving you time and energy while ensuring a professional-looking finish.

  1. Skimming Blades

Skimming blades, also known as feathering blades and skimming knives, are designed to be used with joint compound or spackle to create a smooth and uniform finish on the surface of the drywall. Our collection of corner bead tools includes a variety of skimming blades such as the popular TapeTech Drywall Skimming Blade.

Using a skimming blade allows you to smooth out any imperfections or inconsistencies in the joint compound or spackle, creating a flawless finish that will look great for years to come.

Using Corner Bead Tools

To use corner bead tools, start by measuring and cutting the corner bead to the appropriate length. Then, apply a thin layer of joint compound to the drywall where the corner bead will be installed. A Corner Bead Hopper can be used to automatically apply the correct amount of compound for you. Place the corner bead in position and use corner bead tools to secure it in place, shape it to fit the angle of the corner, and finish to smooth out the joint compound and create a seamless finish.


If you want to achieve a professional-looking finish on your drywall corners, then investing in the right corner bead tools is essential. A corner bead clincher or crimper is an essential tool for securing corner bead in place, while a corner bead roller is used for ensuring a smooth application. Skimming knives, skimming blades, and corner bead hoppers are also important tools to have in your arsenal. With these tools, you can ensure that your drywall corners look clean and professional, giving your project a polished finish. Check out our collection of corner bead tools and other sheetrock tools at Timothy's Toolbox to find everything you need to complete your next drywall project.

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