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Advantages to Owning Multiple Drywall Taping Knife Sizes

Advantages to Owning Multiple Drywall Taping Knife Sizes

It takes a sharp eye to hang and install drywall, but more importantly, it takes a good set of tools and materials to get the job done. It’s vital to have a variety of tools on the job. When it comes to drywall taping knives, there’s a reason why they come in different sizes and sets. Find out the advantages of owning multiple drywall taping knife sizes.

Variety of Life

Just as it’s essential to have variety in life, it’s necessary to have variety in taping knives. In the drywalling business, no project is exactly the same. So you need different types of equipment. Multiple sizes for the drywall knives help for differently sized projects.

When it comes to hanging and laying drywall, you’ll have tight corners and areas where some knives won’t fit. Some knives have the capacity to perform certain roles, while others don’t. Trying to force a 6-inch taping knife to perform the role of a 12-inch one will only create a mess and frustrate you in the end.

Brings In More Business

As a professional drywaller and contractor, you know how important it is to conduct your business with precision. Your clients rely on your judgment and skills to ensure the proper construction of their homes. Having multiple taping knives makes it easier to accomplish this.

The work of a contractor speaks for itself and acts as your resume. You come across as more of a professional with pristine work. And more clients will want to work with you because they have proof from past projects that you’re efficient and speedy.

Different Sizes for Different Uses

At Timothy’s Toolbox, we have a wide variety of drywall taping knife sets, and they all serve a special purpose. You can browse through all our sets. But first, let us explain the standard sizes and their functions.

6-Inch Knife

The 6-inch taping knife is one of the smallest knives, and contractors refer to this one as the joint knife. Typically, you use this knife as a jumping-off point for your drywall project. Its small size allows you to get inside the tight spaces and crevices that come with the territory.

8-Inch Knife

The 8-inch taping knife is slightly bigger than the 6-inch one, so it covers slightly more area. A wider blade helps smooth out the edges more and assists you better when it comes to the drywall finishing levels. Trying to use this knife for tight spaces will prove difficult, so stick with the 6-inch one for that task.

12-Inch Knife

A 12-inch knife works better for coating joints and repairs. You’ll get faster results for repairs with a 12-inch knife than with a 6-inch one. The wider blade floats the mud out better and covers more ground than a 6-inch or 8-inch blade could. Typically, you look towards a 12-inch or 10-inch knife to float out your work and get a crown finishing.

At Timothy’s Toolbox, we know the advantages of owning multiple drywall taping knife sizes, automatic taping tools, and so much more equipment. Shop with us to help grow your business. For more information, visit our website.

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