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A Quick Guide to Using Texture Patch Guns To Add Texture

A Quick Guide to Using Texture Patch Guns To Add Texture

As a drywall contractor, you’ve likely heard of texture guns before. But what are texture guns? What do they do? And why should you use them? Learn the basics of texture guns and more in this quick guide to using texture patch guns to add texture.

What Are Texture Guns?

Texture guns are tools that contractors use to spray texture mix onto drywall. Some have nozzles reminiscent of those of garden hoses, with an attachment at the top for a hopper, which contains the texture mix. Other texture guns have pumps in the back; the texture material jar attaches at the bottom of the sprayer.

What Do You Use Them For?

If a textured wall is damaged, you can use a texture gun to fix it. Often, drywallers who are patching a section in the wall will need to match the existing wall’s texture before repainting the patch. Texture guns help you perfectly match the existing texture for a flawless finish. You can also use them to add texture to a newly built home.

How Do You Use Them?

Not all texture guns work the same way; the details come down to the brand and model you have. That said, the way most texture guns operate is similar enough that this step-by-step breakdown should come in handy. Here’s a quick guide to using texture patch guns to add texture.

Mix the Material

To start, mix the texture material. You’ll want to follow the instructions provided by the gun manufacturer, not the material manufacturer—some texture guns require a higher moisture content than others. Stir the mixture until you achieve the desired consistency. The mix should be smooth and free of lumps.

Cover the Work Site

Texturing can get messy, so you’ll want to cover floors, doors, windows, and furniture with plastic sheeting. On a similar note, this is the time to slip into your personal protective gear.

Add the Mix

Add the texture mix to the hopper. Adjust the nozzle to the correct air pressure and the kind of texture you want. Most texture guns will need to be attached to an air compressor via an air hose to apply texture to walls and ceilings.

Select the Appropriate Nozzle

If you’re repairing a section of drywall, you’ll need to apply the same texture to get a seamless transition. This is why texture guns come with different spray tips. Therefore, you’ll need to select the correct spray tip for your texture gun, depending on the job.


Point the nozzle at the wall and spray with an even movement. Shake the hopper from time to time so that the material doesn’t stick to the sides. If the mixture thickens, add water as necessary.

As you can see, using a texture gun is as often as simple as using a garden hose. This convenient, intuitive tool makes adding and repairing texture easy. It’s an essential tool for contractors who regularly work with or repair textured walls.

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