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5 Reasons To Wear a Hard Hat on the Job Site

5 Reasons To Wear a Hard Hat on the Job Site

It makes sense for contractors to wear a hard hat on the job. Contracting jobs have a few more risks than the average occupation. You expose yourself to dangerous materials and tools daily, and accidents can happen in any profession. Considering these risks, here are five reasons you need to wear a hard hat on the job site.

Reason 1: Protection from Falling Objects

Manufacturers make hard hats out of durable materials with suspension systems that can absorb impacts. You never know what heavy objects might fall from above. And if they happen to land on your head, the hard hat takes most of the blow. Falling steel poles, wooden beams, and drywall sheets can cause severe damage. Of course, you should try to move out of the way, but the hard hat will protect you if you can’t shelter yourself fast enough.

Reason 2: Protection from Debris

No matter the contracting job, debris will accompany it. Debris is unavoidable, so you must find a way to keep it out of your face. Debris that falls from construction sites can harm workers’ faces and heads. Wearing a hard hat keeps dust and flying particles out of your eyes. It also protects from flying nails or other potential hazards on a job site.

Reason 3: Protection from Head Injury

Falling sometimes happens on job sites, especially if you must balance at great heights. If you find yourself on a ladder or a drywall bench, you must wear a hard hat. If you lose your balance and slip, the hard hat prevents your head from feeling the fall.

A head injury, big or small, can have lasting effects. You don’t want to risk harming yourself. Don’t take the chance; protect yourself from a fatal head injury.

Reason 4: Mandatory per OSHA Regulations

We’ve told you the reasons you should wear a hard hat, but are you aware that it’s a requirement when you work a contracting or construction job? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that employees who are working on sites with a chance of head injury must use protective helmets. A lift carbon fiber hard hat should satisfy OSHA requirements and regulations.

Reason 5: Protection from the Heat and Sun

The summertime means beautiful weather. It also brings heat and sun. UV rays can cause sunburn and disturb workers while on the job. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can also cause cancer. A hard hat will protect you from the glare of the sun and UV radiation. It will keep your head cool and covered from the heat. Heat exhaustion can cause lightheadedness, which can lead to falling. A hard hat prevents all of this.

Wearing a hard hat on the job site keeps you protected and makes your job easier. At Timothy’s Tool Box, we provide contractors will all sorts of materials to make their jobs easier. Visit our website for more information.

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