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5 Questions To Ask a Potential Drywall Contractor

5 Questions To Ask a Potential Drywall Contractor

Finding a respectable contractor is not always easy. Even after seeing references and previous work, it’s still a gamble to hire them for whatever home improvement project you have. The vetting process needs to be extensive, and we’re here to help you get on the right track. Check out these five questions to ask a potential drywall contractor.

What Is the Start and End Date?

Home improvement projects are lengthy, even if the task is small—and they’re intrusive. Ask your drywalling contractor how long their portion of the project will take.

Whatever timeline they come up with needs to fit into your current daily schedule. Decide on a start and end date together. These dates could depend on how much damage needs improving, or it could be a matter of finances—regardless, they must be part of your negotiations.

How Does Your Crew Operate?

Some drywalling jobs require one man, others require two, and some need a whole crew. Ask your contractor how many workers they need for the job and how the crew operates. Go over the hours of the day that work for them and for you.

After getting a general idea, scale back and ask about any specifics. Do some members of the crew have a specialty? Do some only focus on one area or aspect of the job? Are the members of the crew dedicated workers? Will they be on time? Are they a team of experts, or are some members new to the job? You need to know who you’re considering employing.

What Is the Best Way To Contact You?

Communication needs to be constantly flowing between you and your contractor. They need to provide you with updates on the progress and notify you if any obstacles occur—and you’ll also have questions.

Ask them for their best contact information and share yours. Often, it will be cell phone numbers but be sure to also exchange emails and office contact information. Doing so ensures you cover all lines of communication, just in case they don’t answer their cell phone.

What Materials Do You Use?

You might not be a drywall expert, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want the best for your home. Ask your contractor what materials they plan to use for the job. You want to ensure the work they complete will be long-lasting.

You also want to ensure they’re working with the most efficient tools. USG sheetrock tools get the job done swiftly and with the best precision. A drywaller’s tools are a good indicator of how much of an expert they truly are.

Can I Get a Reference List of Previous Clients?

Finally, you always need proof these contractors can hold their end of the bargain. The work needs to speak for itself, and you need past clients to tell you how it is.

Many honest contractors are available to hire, but it’s still a good idea to get the opinion of a previous client. They were in your current position, and they can answer any questions you may have about things the contractor can’t guarantee.

Ask your potential drywall contractor these five questions, and you can’t go wrong—and visit our website for information about all things drywall.

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