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3 Reasons Professional Drywallers Need Banjos

3 Reasons Professional Drywallers Need Banjos

Drywallers can do without banjos. However, drywallers working on large-scale projects need the tool for various reasons. Here are three reasons professional drywallers need banjos.

Offers Superior Results

Banjos make it possible to lay tape evenly and smoothly without creating air pockets or bubbles. This makes them especially useful for large-scale projects that require extensive taping. The sheer scale of these projects creates a greater opportunity for mistakes. Banjos simplify and hasten the installation process, leaving less room for error and creating exceptional results regardless of the project’s scale.

Professionals need either an automatic taper—a bazooka—or a drywall banjo to complete their jobs. Banjos help professionals apply joint tape consistently by applying the correct amount of joint compound and tape simultaneously to the joints.

Provided a professional drywaller selects a great banjo drywall tool, they can expect superior quality results. The best banjo drywall tools are affordable and have features like ample tape holding capacity, ease of use, durability, and adjustability.

Save Time and Effort

Drywall taping can be a tedious and time-consuming process when done manually. While pro drywallers can tape faster than their novice counterparts, using a drywall taping banjo is much faster and less tiresome.

Their ergonomic handles on the sides and top make it possible for anyone to use the tool, whether right- or left-handed. Some of the banjos also have wheels for corner angles and flat joints, while other banjos come with a cutting tool that makes taping fast, easy, and accurate.

Cost/Financial Benefits

Another reason professional drywallers need banjos is that these handy tools can make and save them money. A drywall banjo saves time and effort, resulting in huge financial benefits. Professionals who use banjos can finish their projects faster and take on other projects with the time they save, earning more money in the process. Banjos even work well when using stilts, meaning you can apply mud to joints with one hand and use a banjo with the other, making your work more efficient. Additionally, automatic tapers cost significantly more than drywall banjos. With a banjo, you can complete the same work and save money.

The best banjo drywall tools on sale today guarantee unmatched accuracy, eliminating costly errors common with manual drywall taping. Even pro drywallers make mistakes sometimes. In large-scale projects, for instance, fatigue can increase the likelihood of errors when taping manually. Using a banjo tool eliminates these errors and the resulting costs.

Professional drywallers who use banjos save money, time, and effort. They are also guaranteed superior results. But to reap these benefits, they need to make sure the banjo they choose is of the utmost quality. Banjos come in different sizes, build quality, and with different features.

Fortunately, finding high-quality banjos and other drywalling tools is easy when you shop with Timothy’s Toolbox. We carry durable and reliable products from top brands, like TapeTech, USG Sheetrock, and Renegade, at incredible prices. Come and see what we have to offer!

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