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3 Reasons Contractors Should Have a Drywall Bench

3 Reasons Contractors Should Have a Drywall Bench

As a contractor, you will find yourself in need of some support at some point. You spend most of your time standing up and bending over when doing a drywall job. Whether you plan on doing a full-time renovation or an around-the-house project, you need the proper tools to complete the job.

Apart from the drywall mud and mixing tools, you need to invest in additional support. Check out these three reasons contractors should have a drywall bench.

What Is a Drywall Bench?

Contractors use drywall benches for those unreachable areas. When working on tall walls or high ceilings, an adjustable height drywall bench assists you with getting the job done.

You want to make sure you produce clean and practical work with any project you do. Without the drywall bench, you don’t have all the necessary supplies for a drywall job.

Reason #1: To Prevent Injuries

Work injuries are common in most construction and contractor jobs. Anything can happen when working a job, but you can prevent escalation by providing yourself with the proper tools to avoid injury.

When installing drywall, you rely heavily on your back muscles. Because of the size of drywall sheets, you can cause severe strains, sprains, and tears to your muscles. A drywall bench ultimately makes your job easier for you.

Having a bench also saves you the trouble of overextending yourself and takes some of the pressure off your joints and muscles.

Reason #2: Sturdy and Dependable

Have you ever noticed the slight tremble in some ladders? When you climb on top of a structure intended to elevate you from the ground, you never want to question its security. Fortunately, a drywall bench never makes you ask this question.

Even with its more diminutive, the drywall bench can support up to 500 pounds. The wide platform on the bench allows for maximum hold and assists you with movement. A ladder or an A-line bench would force you to plant both feet on opposite ends and mess with your balance.

A drywall bench takes up less space than a ladder, which comes in handy when working on projects in tight spaces. If you ever need to adjust the height of the drywall bench you can compress the spring on the side of the legs to raise or lower the bench.

Reason #3: Efficient Work

All tasks need accurate completion. While doing a drywall job, you need to ensure your work remains pristine. Sloppy work can alter the course of the remaining work and give an overall unfinished look to your project.

You can’t do one portion of the room and leave the remainder unfinished because you don’t have access to it. A drywall bench can accommodate you and help you reach those difficult areas.

Now, you’ll no longer struggle with those high ceilings and tall walls. Including a drywall bench in your process ensures you’ll have a crisp and clean finished project.

Here at Timothy’s Toolbox, we know drywall benches benefit you and your work in more ways than one. These three reasons you should purchase a drywall bench only begin to describe their positive attributes.

Purchase a drywall bench and see the difference in your job performance. For more information, visit our website.

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