Ox Pro Series Complete Leather Drywall 4 Piece Tool Rig Promo- FREE JAB SAW AND DRYWALL HAMMER

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Ox Pro Series Complete Leather Drywall 4 Piece Tool Rig Promo:

  • Ox Tools Drywall Pro Leather 4 Piece Rig
  • Ox Pro 14oz Drywall Hammer- FREE
  • Ox Pro  Drywall Jab Saw- FREE

Ox Pro Series Complete Leather Drywall 4 Piece Tool Rig:

Built for all day comfort and long life, even on the most demanding job sites, the OX Tools 4-piece Construction Rig easily stores all of the tools needed for everyday use. Pouches are secured with heavy-duty rivets that have a low profile to reduce chance of scratching surfaces. Double stitching and belt Tunnel reinforcements are designed to withstand the vigorous conditions of the job site. All four pieces are constructed with high-quality oil tanned leather and include: Pro framer's tool bag, 3 pouch Pro fastener bag, 3 pouch Pro hammer holder 3 inch tool belt with a total of 22 pockets, there is plenty of room for nails and necessary tools. The fastener bag serves as the primarily nail bag with a slot between the two front pouches for a layout square. Plus, it features a pencil/marker pouch and a scabbard for a Claw bar. The tool bag has inner pockets for hand tools as well as a pencil/marker pouch and includes a tape measure clip for quick access. And, the dedicated hammer holder offers flexibility in placement for quick muscle-memory retrieval.

      Ox Pro Series Complete Leather Drywall 4 Piece Tool Rig Specifications:

  • 22 tool holders and pocket layout for perfect rhythm
  • Heavy-duty rivet reinforcement on all major stress points provides added strength, durability, and tear-resistance
  • Top grain oil-tanned 'saddle' leather enhances feel and softness
  • 3” wide leather tool belt
  • Fits waist size 29”-46”

     Ox Pro 14oz Drywall Hammer Specifications:

  • Sharpened chisel point tip for easy puncturing of drywall and fast starting of cuts
  • Tempered steel blade for long life
  • Designed to cut 50% faster than traditional jab saws
  • OX Grip handle, ergonomically designed
  • Offset teeth for cutting in both directions
  • Double ground, deep cut tooth design for extremely fast and aggressive cutting
  • No need to drill pilot holes

   Ox Pro Drywall Jab Saw

  • Crowned, scored hammer head to reduce the chance of impact marks on plasterboard
  • Cutaway and notched cutting blade for withdrawing nails and cutting laths
  • Non-slip Grip handle with shock reduction

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